Deutsche Bahn (DB) Germany : ICE / ICE Sprinter

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ICE (InterCity Express) / ICE Sprinter

ICE Trains are state of the art trains connecting major cities at up to 320kmh.


  • At seat power sockets
  • Dining car
  • Free WIFI
  • ICE Portal - free onboard information & entertainment. Stream free of charge. 
  • Quiet Zones

1st Class:

  • 2+1 seats in each row
  • Comfortable leather seats
  • At seat food service trolley offering snacks and hot & cold drinks for purchase

ICE Sprinter:

  • Shorter travel times
  • Fewer stops between larger cities
  • Less ticket inspections and announcements
  • Serviced by ICE trains
  • No supplements needed


  • Eurail Passes valid in Germany can be used on both ICE & ICE Sprinter trains.
  • Reservations are not compulsory but are recommended to ensure the passenger has a seat
  • Reservations for ICE Sprinter services can only be done locally. 
  • To travel on the ICE passengers purchase a point to point ticket and then can reserve a seat at an additional price. This price is often included already when searching the Rail Europe booking engine. Check ticket conditions when searching for a fare.
  • Reservations can be reserved 90 days prior to the train departure date.