The Blue Train : News


Listeriosis Outbreak

Please be informed The Blue Train have taken  precautionary measures in order to prevent the outbreak of Listeriosis to all guests, onboard The Blue Train. The Blue Train have severe prevention measures in place to ensure the safety of guest is not compromised and will continue to be mindful and vigilant on our part to ensure that this outbreak is contained and minimised. 

Ongoing Uber & meter taxi violence

Please be aware there has been warnings of violent tussle between Uber and Meter Taxi drivers. The Blue train have security arrangements in place at the stations and have deployed the South African Police and Transnet Security at both Pretoria and Cape Town Stations. 

Please be cautious of this volatile situation and if at all possible, and in an effort to prevent any unnecessary and unfortunate incidents, we recommend you seek alternative transfers (such as hotel transfers or car hire).