Vistadome (Peru) : Schedules

Vistadome Schedules

Operates daily from Monday to Sunday

The Vistadome has three stations of departure to Machu Picchu: Cusco (Poroy), Sacred Valley (Ollantaytambo) and Sacred Valley (Urubamba).

From Poroy station, located about 20 minutes from downtown Cusco, the journey to Machu Picchu lasts just over three hours. From the Sacred Valley (Ollantaytambo) this is a journey of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Regular timetable: May 1st - Dec 31st, 2020

Service Train No. Departure Arrival
Poroy - Machu Picchu
31 07:35 10:52
Poroy - Machu Picchu 203 08:25 12:11
Machu Picchu - Poroy
32 16:43 20:23
Machu Picchu - Poroy 604 17:23 20:52

Bi-modal timetable: Jan 2nd - Apr 30th, 2020

Between January 2 and April 30, 2020, PeruRail operate the Bimodal Service (Bus + Train), a service that combines bus and train travel, departing and returning to Cusco City. During this period:

  • Passengers using the PeruRail Vistadome and PeruRail Expedition bimodal services board a private bus at Wanchaq Station, 5 minutes away from Cusco’s historic center, and arrive to Ollantaytambo Station. From here, passengers board the train and head to their final destination: Machu Picchu Station. The return journey is the same in reverse.

Service Departure Station (Bus)
Departure (Bus)
Transfer bus to train

Arrival Station (Train)

Arrival Time
Vistadome 31
Wanchaq (Cusco) 06:30 09:15 Machu Picchu 10:52
Vistadome 203
Wanchaq (Cusco) 07:50 10:32 Machu Picchu 12:11
Service Departure Station (Bus)
Departure (Train)
Transfer train to bus
Arrival Station (Train) Arrival Time
Vistadome 32
Machu Picchu 16:43 18:40 Wanchaq (Cusco) 20:55
Vistadome 604
Machu Picchu 17:23 19:15 Wanchaq (Cusco) 21:30