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Explore natural attractions and historical World Heritage Sites on the JR East - Tohoku Area Pass.

The area that is covered by the JR East - Tohoku Area Pass will allow you to discover the abundance of natural beauty and quality hot springs that the region is famous for, plus you will be able to explore the numerous national treasures and historical World Heritage Sites.

Stroll around Tokyo, one of the world's great megalopolises, take a trip on a Shinkansen, or enjoy a relaxing ride on a resort train or a local line. Or even do all of these activities during your stay in Japan. Spread your wings in the Tohoku area. We guarantee you will encounter a Japan you never knew existed.

Please note: A start date is required for the JR East - Tohoku Area Pass along with full names as per passport including middle name.



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5 days within 14 days $282 $143

Instant Payment

This product requires instant payment to be made at the completion of the shopping basket.


Non-Refundable and Non-Exchangable

The product that you have selected is non-exchangeable and non-refundable.


Booking Fee

A $50 booking fee applies to this product (one fee per entire booking).


Prices will be subject to change on a weekly basis unless paid in full.

We cannot sell point to point tickets in Japan they must be purchased locally.

*Reissue fees apply

  • Prices are updated weekly due to the Exchange Rate.
  • Passes can only be purchased with a minimum of 7 Business days prior to departure date.
  • An Exchange Order must be presented in Japan and must be done at a JR Station that has a Japan Rail Pass Exchange Office.
  • Important: At the time of exchange you will be asked to fill out a short application form and to show your passport with the temporary visitor stamp that you received on entry into Japan. You must have your passport with you at time of the exchange (a photocopy is not acceptable) and without your passport the exchange cannot be made. One exchange voucher will be issued with all passenger names from the booking listed, therefore all passengers must be present at the time of exchange
    * Children under six years of age may travel free of charge if they do not occupy a seat i.e. are seated on their parent's lap. (One child per adult only) Otherwise, they will need to purchase a Child Rail Pass.

Fare types

  • Adult
  • Child: Max 11 years


JR East Pass - Tohoku Area

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