France Strike

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

UPDATED 14th January


While strikes within France are on-going 85-90% of services are operating as normal, with 9 out of 10 Eurostar services operating daily. 

Metro and local trains are running during the daytime but stop by 8pm local time. 

Rail Europe have not been advised of a date that the strikes will finish due to the ongoing negotiations. 

Rail Europe would like to advise that the representative unions of SNCF planned a strike from December 5th. Train services may suffer cancellations or timetable changes during this time.  We will be sharing all the useful information you may need for each impacted carrier in this post,please follow this post frequently.

SNCF - travel within France

The transport plan for TGV and INTERCITES will be published the day prior to travel 17h00 CET
To follow the forecasts of the strike in real time or check which trains will be running the best is to check on the railway’s website, under "Train number",


We have been informed that, impacts are expected on Thello trains’ circulation. Possible impacts are to be considered as early as the evening of Wednesday 4th.
To follow the forecasts of the strike in real time or check which Thello will be running the best is to check on


Most of the services will run as normal.



Transport plan for TGV Lyria will be published the day prior to travel 17h00 CET


AFTER SALES - Commercial Conditions for SNCF International Train:
All tickets booked on disrupted trains during this period are valid for travel on any other train, without additional fee, if travel is on the same route. Seat reservation is not guaranteed.
Individual Travellers:
If any of your clients are impacted, or should they prefer not to travel during a strike day, the below after sales conditions apply:
If they are in France, they can opt to go directly to a railway station and ask the local railway official to assist with:
• Providing an update on the status of their train
• Providing alternate transportation options that will be covered by their existing train ticket (no extra costs)
• Changing the date or time of travel using their existing train
• Endorsing their ticket as ‘unused’ if it will not be used for transportation provided by the railroad?
With the ticket endorsed by a railway official we ask you to send all the relevant tickets and documents within 30 days of the scheduled train departure to the Rail Europe office. All relevant documentation needs to be received by Rail Europe within 45 days of the scheduled departure.
If they are not in France, you can contact us before the train departure to allow us to start the process to refund their ticket. The original paper ticket will need to be returned to Rail Europe at least 45 days from the travel date. 
Connecting trains, not operated by SNCF, may also be eligible for?refunds. Please?follow the same procedures as outlined above to apply for a refund for?connecting trains impacted by the strike.?


Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards, Rail Europe Team

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