Independent USA Rail Packages (Amtrak Vacations) : Details

Discover America on your own terms with an Independent Amtrak Rail Vacation

When planning an overseas trip, choosing the right itinerary to suit your travel style can often be a frustrating experience. Generally speaking, travellers either have the option to make up their own itinerary and explore on their own terms, or sign up to a guided tour where everything is pre-booked and planned for them. Both of these options have their benefits and drawbacks; whilst independent travel gives you the freedom to explore your passions and interests, it can also be quite stressful to book and plan an itinerary on your own, plus you also run the risk of missing out on key attractions. On the other hand, booking a tour takes the stress out of travel and ensures you get a chance to take in all the destination highlights, but it often comes at the cost of getting lost and spontaneously discovering the delights of a city on your own.

Independent Amtrak Rail Vacations packages have taken the best of both worlds to offer bespoke travel itineraries that let travellers relax and enjoy all the highlights of America's iconic travel destinations, whilst still having the freedom to wander and explore on your own terms.

Benefits of Independent Amtrak Rail Vacations

A pre-planned itinerary

By pre-booking all your travel and accommodation, these packages eliminate the stress of logistic planning, leaving you free to focus on relaxing and exploring each destination you visit.

Plenty of opportunities to explore on your own

Although there is a planned itinerary, Amtrak's Independent Rail Packages give you plenty of leeway to explore destinations independently. The hop-on/hop-off city tours included in these packages mean you can get lost wandering through the colourful neighbourhoods of San Francisco, or hunt down the best deep dish pizza in the backstreets of Chicago, and soak up that exultant feeling that comes from stumbling across an unexpected delight in a foreign city.

Iconic American destinations

Amtrak's rail packages let you take in some of America's most iconic destinations including the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas and Hollywood, the natural beauty of places like the Glacier National Park and Grand Canyon, the culture of music capitals like New Orleans and Memphis, the history of Washington DC, and the majesty of key cities including New York, Chicago and San Francisco.

Upgrade options

Amtrak lets you tailor your package to suit your travel style. Rail services and accommodation can both be upgraded to provide a more exclusive and luxurious experience.

The chance to experience America by rail

Rail travel played a hugely important role in making America the country it is today, so it makes sense that the best way to take in America, with all its contrasts and charms, is by train. 

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